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A paradox, both you and I

An eighteen year-old teenage girl named Jamie's random box of stuff.

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and I know this!


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this post is my dream come true



he just accepts it, not even surprised by it. must happen all the time

I’m so in love with this

" when I think about getting out like I’m not bothered if its me by myself, I wont really think about it, but if I’m gonna take my mom or my like my little sisters or whatever, I don’t really like them to be exposed to that cause I think its quite weird for them to see all the people’s reactions, and especially for my younger sisters, I don’t want them to get confused, I want them to still think I’m the same person.."

@sunsetmarquis: Talking with before

 Fortune favors the brave, dude.


Narry + WWA UK 


One Direction Albums + Tour (Inspiration)


rock me x